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gm world,

it’s 2022 and Nil is here to put the power of NFTs in the hands of the people.

A derivative of n...

Create like usual,
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Any artist can apply to join Nil. But the community votes on who becomes part of the collectivePerseverance


Seed phrase

Seed phrase

An active audienceGet your work in front of the n collectorsEarning opportunitiesGenerate NIL with every dropChoose distribution methodsPricing flexibility, minting timeframes, etc
Stake your N and $NIL to generate Curating PowerCurators spend CP to support applying creators. For this support, they receive up to 20% of the $NIL generated by those creators. This mechanism will be introduced in a post-launch release.
Earn 6.66% of $NIL generated by creators you refer
0 Fees.
Zilch. Nil
Nil doesn't charge a platform fee on any sale
Become a part of NilApply in minutes and begin the community curation processApply as a Creator
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